About the Principals

Dan Whelan, Chief Executive Officer, joined RMS in 2016. Dan has been in the software and technology business for 30 years, and has spent his career successfully building teams to serve the needs of complex global organizations. Throughout, he has fostered an environment of technical competency, professionalism, and world-class customer service. He joined RMS to continue and accelerate our growth in the travel industry and our industry-leading customer satisfaction and retention. Prior to RMS, Dan was General Manager/CEO at Data Fusion Technologies, a leading provider of analytics solutions to the legal industry, and SVP Global Services and Support at Epicor, a global ERP company. Dan can be reached at:

Scott Schade, Chief Technical Officer, has been involved in RM and the airline industry since 1984. He was the primary designer and developer of Control Data Corporation’s (later, Revenue Technology Services’) Micro-OPTIX airline RM and hotel RM systems, Revenue Enhancement Solutions’ Catalyst airline RM system, and OpenSkies’ RMS airline RM system. Since early 2003, Scott has been focused on developing airRM, his best work, and the premier RM system on the market today. Scott can be reached at:

Eric Nordling, Chief Operating Officer, began his airline career in 1986. He held a variety of positions at United Airlines, MarkAir, Delta Air Lines and Atlantic Coast Airlines. At Eric’s last airline, independence air, he was Senior Vice President of Marketing. His experience as a user, developer and buyer of systems has given him a comprehensive perspective of RM. He has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. Eric joined RMS in 2012, reach him at:

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