Introducing airRMexpress

airRMexpress combines decades of revenue management system development with an efficient cloud-based delivery designed specifically for small airlines. With forecasting, optimization and many other features found in more expensive systems, airRMexpress allows a previously underserved segment of the airline industry to benefit from revenue management technology.

Forecasting and Optimization

The foundation of any decent revenue management system, airRMexpress contains forecasting and optimization algorithms that have been proven through years of use by our airline customers around the world.

Business Rules When Needed

In some cases, small carriers can't take full advantage of forecasting and optimization. Sometimes small numbers or high variance prevents effective use of mathematical models. airRMexpress offers many tools to work around this; one of the most effective is called Business Rules. This feature allows carriers to apply the most important revenue management fundamentals in the setting of their seat inventory, and do it in an efficient manner.

Analysis and Reporting

Quickly see your airline as you've never seen it before. The reporting tool built into airRMexpress can display hundreds of fields in a matter of seconds allowing system, market, or flight views for a day or entirely of your flight schedule.

Rapid Deployment

As a cloud-based application with an easy to learn interface, your airline can be up and running with airRMexpress in a matter of days.