The most exciting development in airline revenue management since O&D control

Display ads powered by airRM and customer data, dynamically created on the fly for each and every customer.
Streaming RM for Airlines enables revenue managers to harness the value of airRM and other airline data to deliver individually personalized dynamic ads for retargeting, prospecting and loyalty campaigns — a powerful new alternative to traditional promotions.

With Streaming RM for Airlines

  • RM is no longer about opening discount seat inventory – it’s about managing demand
  • Analysts get real-time feedback on offers – enabling quick tailoring
  • New demand is stimulated – passengers come to you
  • Revenue is increased – and ROI for your marketing spend is easily measured
  • Online marketing is laser-focused – matching individual passengers with seats and customized ancillary offers

You have enormous amounts of customer data at your fingertips but you’re missing out on a first-class opportunity to help decrease distribution costs and boost incremental revenue. Between airRM and customer systems and there’s a ton of information flying around – but too often it misses its connection. But that’s about to change.

Dynamically Created Ads Purpose-Built for Every Individual

By integrating airRM with first-party customer data and real-time bidding (RTB) systems, Streaming RM enables airlines to deliver highly targeted marketing messages customized for specific passengers based on current flight optimization goals with offers just right for where customers are in the booking flow.

First-Party Data is a First-Class Opportunity

Streaming RM empowers airlines with a real-time digital advertising solution that serves dynamically created display ads to individuals powered by the information in your passenger databases. airRM with Streaming RM unlocks the power of your data to drive incremental revenue and decrease distribution costs for your business.

Streaming Revenue Management on Customer Relationship Management data

Return on Investment on Streaming Revenue Management